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The School

The first in Europe and the most advanced in Italy, the facility is one of a kind. It is nestled in greenery and covers an area of 12,000 square metres. The school specialises in the theoretical and practical training of emergency teams in every area of safety and fire education.


GSA Academy has quickly become a point of reference for safety and fire professionals.
The facility includes two multimedia classrooms, where participants are provided with all the tools and equipment required for the practice drills. There is also a guest house for participants travelling from other regions.

Special patented structures make it possible to carry out various activities in confined spaces and/or conditions of suspected pollution: from fighting controlled fire outbreaks generated in closed environments, to evacuation tests in environments invaded by non-toxic smoke, where the sounds and noises typical of emergencies are also generated. There are also a number of multimedia classrooms in which to conduct theoretical and recreational activities.

In May 2014, GSA Academy also inaugurated a new earthquake simulator. The project stems from the need to teach young people, workers and citizens in general the good practices to be adopted in the event of an earthquake, following an educational approach based on direct experience.


  • Fire tunnel;
  • Smoke tunnel;
  • Cistern for simulation in a confined space;
  • Simulator panel to close off utilities;
  • Training shaft with fire blanket;
  • Gas-powered simulators for class A and class C fires and 200-litre drum for the simulation of class B fires;
  • 100 sqm gas-powered fire prevention tank;
  • Water/foam monitor;
  • Earthquake simulator;
  • Various hydraulic fittings (reducers, Y-splitters, three way tees);
  • Complete water line with 2X70 surface hydrant, hose reel boxes, DN-45 hydrant boxes, underground hydrant coupling and delivery port for fire brigade pumps;
  • 2 multimedia training rooms seating 25 students each

Other equipment includes: backpack fire pumps; portable fire extinguishers (dry powder, CO2 and water); wheeled fire extinguishers; various types of DN-70 and DN-45 fire hose nozzles (lever or rotational control, American nozzles); infrared cameras. Finally, students can also make use of self-contained breathing apparatuses, helmets, torches, kevlar ropes, masks (for practice drills in smoke tunnels), fire blankets and PPE (personal protective equipment such as safety hard hats with visor, nomex jackets and heat-resistant gloves). The facility also has changing rooms for students and a lift for the disabled.


GSA Academy pays great attention to the environment through the careful design of extraction and abatement systems. Forced extraction and abatement with water mist (a patented system) allows us to perform fire simulations in closed structures, reproducing situations similar to those that could occur in reality – poor visibility, smoke, heat, etc. – while protecting the environment from harmful emissions.


The water used to cool the structures and abate the extinguishing agents is purified and recirculated, without waste and without harming the environment. Utmost protection of the ecosystem is one of the main cornerstones of our group’s value system.

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